Women for a Humane Canada

The 2017 members of Women for a Humane Canada

We imagine a Humane Canada and we believe now is the time to invest in animal welfare to make change happen in this generation!

Meet our members

We are the founders of Women for a Humane Canada, and we believe in the power of making change happen for animals. That is why we are joining forces with like-minded women across Canada – women who are thought leaders in animal welfare and willing to invest in change. We need to improve the laws, improve enforcement and elevate public thinking about the role of animals in society.

Did you know that the welfare of animals has a direct link to the welfare of women and children?

Did you know that violence against animals is a societal issue linked to violence against women and children?

Animal abuse is an early indicator of potential child and woman abuse. If we can effectively prosecute animal neglect and cruelty, we may also prevent future human tragedies. We need to get at these core issues as a society in order to make real change happen and create a Humane Canada for all of us.

Why Women for A Humane Canada?

You may not know that, across Canada, women fill more than 70% of the leadership positions in animal welfare organizations, and they represent the largest group of donors.

Our Investment

We know what we want to achieve, but we need bigger thinking and bolder ambitions to get animal welfare on the national agenda. We are committed to investing in this future by developing a Canadian Animal Welfare Indicator Report to determine current welfare gaps and guide our goals to create a life worth living for all animals.

Join Women for a Humane Canada as we come together to share thinking, invest our time and talent, build financial resources and make a real impact in the lives of animals starting today.

If you would like to join Women for a Humane Canada, an initiative of CFHS (Canada's federation of SPCAs and humane societies), download our member information package here.

To find out more, email Derek deLouché, Director of Resource Development for CFHS, at derekdelouche@cfhs.ca or call (613) 224-8072 ext. 17. 

Women for a Humane Canada imagines a #HumaneCanada and believes now is the time to invest in animal welfare.
Women for a Humane Canada