Fur farming

Fur farming


Position Statement

CFHS is opposed to the pain and suffering in the raising and killing of animals for the production of fur. If fur farming continues, CFHS insists that all fur farming must at least comply with existing codes of practice, and calls for the immediate upgrading of these codes. Fur farms must provide adequately for the animals’ needs in keeping with the nature of the species. For example, cage characteristics must be improved to meet the needs of the animal.

CFHS recommends formal training and education based on national standards of all fur farmers and employees with the expectation that the greater the knowledge of the breeding cycles, ethology and nutritional needs of the animals being raised, the greater the consideration for them.

The methods of killing must be appropriate to the species, in all cases producing immediate unconsciousness without pain or panic and inevitable subsidence to death without the regaining of consciousness.

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Fur farming