Fido's 15 questions


When you’re making a decision about whether you’re ready to provide a forever home for a dog, it can be helpful to think about it from your canine companion’s perspective. Here are some questions your future dog would have wanted to ask you.

  1. As a pack animal, what I want most is companionship. Will you be there for me? Will you give me affection and play with me regularly?

  2. Have you made sure you're not allergic to me? Check with your doctor to find out!

  3. Will you be able to provide me with toys so I can entertain myself when you’re not home?

  4. Us dogs love to get outside and explore. Will you have time to take me for walks at least twice a day, rain or shine?

  5. If you don't have ample time to walk me and take me outside, will you be able to afford a dog walker or will you be able to send me to a doggy daycare to play with my friends during the day?

  6. I love spending time with you. Will we be able to spend quality time together every day?

  7. Will I be able to spend indoor and outdoor time with you? Please don’t make me spend all of my time outside unless I’m a Nordic breed like a husky, in which case I might prefer to be outside!

  8. Do you have a safe, fenced backyard? If not, are you ready to take me for a walk every time I have to pee?

  9. If you live in an apartment or condo, have you checked if I am allowed to live with you?

  10. Will you take me to school to teach me good manners? Maybe I can learn some fun tricks, too!

  11. You have nice things, and I wouldn't want to ruin them. Will you provide me with appropriate chew toys to fulfill my urge to chew instead so I can avoid wrecking your shoes?

  12. Will you be okay if I shed or if I slobber on your clothes? Sometimes dogs can be a little messy.

  13. Will you groom me regularly so my fur doesn’t get all tangled and matted?

  14. Will you get me all the things I need to live a healthy and fulfilling life? Like good quality food and treats, a comfy bed and great toys?

  15. Have you found me a vet?  I need regular checkups to make sure I stay healthy and happy. You should also check out pet insurance to help with expenses if I get sick or get into an accident.
Fido's 15 questions
Fido's 15 questions