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2017 in Review: The Good, The Bad and the Ugly in Canadian Animal Welfare

Year in Review: The Good, The Bad and the Ugly in Canadian #AnimalWelfare for 2017. Learn about the wins, the losses and the things that made us shake our heads.

What do human and animal abuse have in common?

Have you heard that CFHS is presenting Canada’s first national conference on the violence link in December? If you aren’t familiar with the violence link, it’s the proven link between violence against animals and violence against people. This can manifest in many ways, including a pet being harmed or killed after a woman leaves an abusive relationship or a serial killer practicing his or her abuse on animals before moving on to human beings. Over the last decade, this pattern has come to be known as the violence link. We now know that, not only does animal abuse co-occur with human abuse, but it can predict future violence against human beings. In fact, animal abuse is more clearly correlated to family violence than mental illness, drinking or drug abuse.

TNR and rethinking our concept of "home"

When many of us hear about cat overpopulation, we picture an overabundance of cats in animal shelters and not enough families to adopt them – a situation that can have tragic consequences, including the risk of euthanasia. The number of cats needing homes rises as new litters of kittens are born and eventually surrendered to shelters. What most people don’t tend to understand is that, based on the sheer number and reproductive rates, the overall contribution of unowned free-roaming cats to cat overpopulation is much greater than owned cats, and this is what needs to be curtailed. But what’s the best way?

Achieving Better Welfare for Laying Hens in Canada

International Cat Day: Four facts you didn’t know about cats!

Happy International Cat Day – the day dedicated to celebrating our extraordinary feline friends! There is no denying that cats are endearing and playful companions with whom we share the most special of bonds. Today is a day to revel in the specialness of that human-cat bond and the distinct place these animals hold in our lives.  To celebrate, we want to help you to gain a better understanding of cats! Here are 4 things you might not know.

CFHS Celebrates 60 Years with Special Campaign

This year, the Canadian Federation of Humane Societies celebrates its 60th anniversary – a milestone that we are very proud to reach! That’s why we’re launching a special anniversary celebration, an opportunity for our supporters and followers to put their mark on the map in Canada and join a nation of animal lovers who, just like them, believe that 2017 is the year we make real change for Canada’s animals. Stay tuned for the launch of this special anniversary celebration, on our 60th anniversary, August 7th 2017!

Uniting for cats and birds

For decades, cat people and bird people have been at odds with each other. But the welfare of one does not need to be sacrificed in order to protect the other. We have a responsibility to all of this country’s animals and need to work to improve the situation for both cats and birds. Pitting them against each other fails to address the perils facing both. Solutions for our embattled birds are necessary, but we can’t lose sight of how dire the situation is for Canada’s cats.

Celebrating two years of Quanto's Law

Two years ago today, Canada’s Criminal Code was amended to make the harming or killing of police, military or other service animals a special offence. Called the Justice for Animals in Service Act, this piece of legislation is better known as Quanto’s Law. The law’s more common name is a memorial to Police Dog Quanto, a German shepherd with four years of service and more than 100 arrests to his name who was killed on the job in Edmonton in 2013. Quanto took risks on the job every day...

Science hijacked in transport regs review

Most Canadians would be shocked to know what’s legal when it comes to the transport of animals in this country. That’s because Canada’s outdated transportation regulations set a dangerously low bar, causing the deaths of more than 1.6 million farm animals each year by freezing, dehydration, heat exhaustion, trampling and disease. We must protect the integrity of a process that places reasonable limits on industry – ensuring the regulations that govern the transportation of animals are well-informed, science-driven and not a product of bowing to industry pressure.

5 Tips for Pet Fire Safety Day

For most pet owners, a house fire is our worst nightmare – watching first responders do their best to save our precious but helpless companions as smoke billows out the windows. Big or small, house fires occur every 83 seconds in North America, according to the National Fire Protection Association. Of those house fires, approximately 500,000 affect pets, killing nearly 40,000 animals per year.
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