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As Canada's federation of SPCAs and humane societies, CFHS invites Canadian humane societies and SPCAs that share our guiding principles to join our network as full voting members of our organization. Note that voting membership is only available to SPCAs and humane societies.

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Voting membership in CFHS is based on the following criteria:

  1. Your organization agrees that CFHS represents you and all of our members at the national level.
  2. Your organization is a registered Canadian not-for-profit or charity that has been incorporated for a minimum of 3 years, either provincially or federally, with a Board that is independent of its staff.
  3. Your organization has an animal welfare mandate for a given geographic area (i.e.: either a provincial body or a city-based or regional organization).
  4. Your organization has the legal authority to conduct cruelty investigations.
  5. Your organization operates an animal shelter and strives to meet industry-recognized shelter standards and guidelines.

Note that CFHS does not currently have a membership program for individuals, but you can join us in our fight to improve the lives of Canada's animals by helping to fund our work.

Do you meet the criteria above?
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Canadian Humane Societies and SPCAs that share our principles are invited to join our network as members of CFHS!
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