2016 CFHS Animal Welfare Leadership and Innovation Awards

In 2016, we presented four awards to individuals who have shown leadership and innovation at a national level in the areas of academia, shelter programming,  media, and the prosecution of animal cruelty.  

Innovation in Animal Welfare

Dr. Kate Hurley, Dr. Cynthia Karsten and Dr. Danae Wagner


Capacity for Care is a care model that optimizes the intake, housing, adoption and overall operations at an animal shelter to improve feline lives and outcomes. The creators of this program were honored for Innovation in Animal Welfare for their work in bringing Capacity for Care to Canada. Capacity for Care is revolutionizing the way that shelters across North America are responding to cat overpopulation – and saving millions of lives in the process. 

McGrand Lifetime Leadership Award

Dr. David Fraser


Throughout his life, Senator Frederic A. McGrand showed a tremendous commitment to animal welfare. He was one of the founders of the Canadian Federation of Humane Societies and, before his death in 1988, he set up a legacy fund so his work could go on. This includes an endowment in support of humane societies and SPCAs in Atlantic Canada and a lifetime achievement award to acknowledge significant contributions to Canadian animal welfare.

Dr. Fraser has been active in the field of animal welfare for 45 years. He has worked with countless organizations in Canada and around the world to find practical ways to improve the lives of animals. He is personally responsible for many innovations in animal housing and management, ranging from designing better pig pens to reducing highway accidents involving wildlife. His published papers include scientific studies on improved animal housing and handling practices, theoretical contributions to animal welfare science, and papers on the practical and cultural dimensions of applying ethics to animal issues.

He has helped immeasurably in shaping animal welfare thinking and focusing our efforts toward the best possible solutions for the betterment of animal well-being and quality of life. Dr. Fraser conducted some of the earliest research on pig welfare issues, including the individual housing of sows and the early weaning of piglets. He also did pioneering work on the use of vocalizations to identify emotional states in animals.

Leadership and Innovation in the Prosecution of Animal Cruelty

Alexandra Janse and Marcie Moriarty


On January 29, 2015, Canada’s National Centre for the Prosecution of Animal Cruelty, or NCPAC, was born.

NCPAC provides resources to Crown Prosecutors in Canada who are working toward the vigorous prosecution of crimes against animals under the Criminal Code of Canada. By increasing successful prosecutions of animal cruelty, we have begun to see more convictions with proportional sentences which are setting new legal precedents.

While CFHS launched this program, we could not have done it without the  vision and expertise of Alexandra Janse, Administrative Crown Counsel in BC and Marcie Moriarty, Chief Prevention and Enforcement Officer for the BC SPCA. It was these two incredible individuals that started the program with us and made it a reality. Thanks to their tireless commitment and strong leadership, we are already seeing results with higher penalties in Ontario, Newfoundland and Labrador, and Alberta.

Leadership in Reporting

The Toronto Star


The Toronto Star has been known as the “Paper for the People” for more than 100 years. Over the years, the publication has also become a good friend to animals. As Canada's largest daily newspaper – with the largest readership in the country – the Toronto Star’s influence on Canadians and our institutions cannot be underestimated.

The Toronto Star has been chosen to be honoured for Leadership in Reporting as part of the Canadian Federation of Humane Societies’ first annual Animal Welfare Leadership and Innovation Awards. We selected The Toronto Star for this award because the paper’s editorial direction has consistently shown leadership in covering key animal welfare issues with excellent, well-researched reporting – breaking stories that have led to major shifts in public perception and awareness, and putting forward commentary on issues of importance to the Canadian animal welfare community.


2016 CFHS Animal Welfare Leadership and Innovation Awards
2016 CFHS Animal Welfare Leadership and Innovation Awards