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$60 for 60 is our special 60th anniversary campaign where we ask you to help us build a Humane Canada by making a gift of either $5 each month for one year, or a one-time gift of $60!

It’s our disposition as Canadians to lead the humane movement with strength, passion, commitment and intelligence.

This is your opportunity to join Canadians just like you who believe in positive, progressive change for animals!

CFHS is already the biggest animal welfare community in Canada and, as our numbers grow, so does our capacity to make a difference for animals. But to make significant change, we need your support!

We’ll use your $60 for 60 gift to help launch a brand-new national event called the CFHS Canadian Link Conference as part of our National Centre for the Prosecution of Animal Cruelty. This educational conference will focus on the link between violence against animals and humans, looking at the vulnerabilities in both populations and how enforcement, social services, community organizations, the veterinary community and animal welfare organizations can more effectively work together to address preventable violence in communities across Canada.

We’ll also re-launch our national task force on cat welfare and complete a 5-year update to our 2012 report, Cats Count in Canada. Our national survey and resulting report will help us see how far CFHS has moved the needle on Canada’s cat overpopulation crisis after five years of committed, national work on this issue.

And, we’ll hold the Office of the Minister of Justice accountable to the commitment it made to create new and stronger laws to address bestiality and animal fighting at the federal level.

Your $60 for 60 gift provides us with the reliable, sustainable funding we need to accomplish all this and more for Canada’s animals!

Put your mark on the map as you stand with your fellow citizens, who are equally committed to improve animal welfare with compassion, collaboration, education and action.

A Humane Canada is within our grasp, and it will take all of us standing together as a community to make it happen.

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Take Part In $60 for 60